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The Convenience of Online Nutrition Services and Home Testing

mom and baby waveGiven the many demands we have to juggle daily, convenience is key when accessing healthcare services. Online nutrition services have made it easier than ever to prioritize our health, offering custom plans and professional guidance. Adding to this convenience is the ability to order lab testing from the comfort of your home.

Empowered to Get Results

At her practice, Gabrielle Grandell provides the option to do functional testing conveniently. The test kits are sent to the client, and they collect samples at home, whether it’s a stool or urine sample or a blood spot obtained by pricking a finger, eliminating the need to visit a clinic.

Lab work can be ordered without a prescription or insurance through nationwide lab locations for clinical testing needs such as thyroid, cholesterol, or blood sugar tests.

This accessibility ensures that individuals can take control of their health and get the necessary tests done without any hassle.

Gabrielle’s Review and Recommendations

Whether she sends the kit to them or the client orders the test themselves, the results can be easily shared electronically. This allows for seamless communication and review of the results, enabling Gabrielle to provide personalized recommendations and further guidance based on the findings.

In addition to lab testing, our online services offer the convenience of ordering nutritional supplements. Clients can purchase high-quality, efficacious products from trusted sources recommended by Gabrielle. These supplements are shipped directly to the client’s location, avoiding the need to rely on local stores with limited options.

Get Answers Without Leaving Home

Online nutrition services provide the convenience of home testing, allowing clients to take charge of their health without in-person clinic visits or prescription requirements. This easy process ensures they can access necessary resources and get personalized guidance from Gabrielle.

Contact her to learn how embracing technology and leveraging these conveniences can help you prioritize better health and well-being.


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