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Online Nutritionist Offers Health Coaching Visits

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At Gabrielle Grandell, I am proud to offer convenient online consultations that allow me to work with clients from anywhere in the world. Through HIPAA-compliant software, I ensure secure and confidential communication during our virtual appointments.

Patients of all walks of life are invited to book a visit with me-I can’t wait to listen to your goals and help you resolve issues that have been plaguing you. Here, you can find hope in a healthy, happy life!

know and nourish virtual photo Here’s what you can expect!

The Virtual Visit Process

Before the appointment, I will send you a secure software link for the virtual visit. This link functions similarly to Zoom but is specifically designed to meet HIPAA compliance standards.

Prior to the visit, I recommend performing a test run to ensure that the software is working correctly. While I can also conduct phone visits, I highly encourage video visits as they allow for better communication through body language and visual cues.

To prepare for the visit, you will need to fill out the online paperwork and provide any relevant lab results from previous healthcare providers. The online paperwork must be completed at least 24 hours in advance of the appointment. The patient portal allows you to securely upload documents such as supplements, medications, and lab results. This ensures that I have all the necessary information to provide you with comprehensive care.

Testing Options

I offer a range of testing options to gather essential data for my analysis. For stool tests, such as gut microbiome analysis, I can mail the testing kits directly to your home. You can collect the sample at your convenience and then send it back to the designated laboratory. Similarly, urine collections and dried blood spot tests can be easily done at home, and I will provide instructions on how to perform these tests.

If blood work is required, I will mail you the kit and guide you in finding a local location for the blood draw. Many regions offer mobile phlebotomists or locations where you can make an appointment and bring the kit in with you and I will provide you with a lab requisition form to take which the lab will use to process the tests. Additionally, for direct-to-consumer testing, Ulta Labs is an option where you can order specific markers directly.

Appointment Duration and Follow-ups

The initial appointment typically lasts 90 minutes, allowing us ample time to discuss your health concerns in detail.

At this time, I will recommend an initial nutrition, lifestyle and supplement plan specific to your body and goals and likely order lab testing. I may recommend an appointment in one to two weeks to empower you as you get started on your health journey. Once the labs are processed, I will schedule a follow-up appointment, usually around three weeks later. A cornerstone of my approach is “test, don’t guess.” Identifying underlying patterns that will be key to a successful and long-lasting outcome.

The duration of subsequent appointments depends on the complexity of your case and the topics we need to cover, such as reviewing lab results or providing education and support.

I want to ensure that you receive the necessary guidance and accountability throughout your wellness journey. Initially, you may have more frequent appointments as we work together to address your symptoms and refine your treatment plan. As you progress and experience improved symptom resolution, the frequency of appointments will decrease if that serves you.

Take Control of Your Health with Gabrielle

I can’t wait to learn about your health goals and help you reach them. Get started today by booking your virtual visit with me.



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