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Is Your Coffee Creamer Causing Gut Issues?

LairdRich, robust, aromatic. Ahh, coffee, that magical elixir that clears the fog and keeps us percolating throughout the day. While many opt to drink their coffee black, others enjoy a splash or two of luscious creamer. Many java junkies, however, suffer digestive distress from dairy creamers that can contribute to your gut issues, bloating, and overall less than 100% feeling.

“If you’re looking for a healthy way to add some flavor to your morning cup of coffee, you’re in luck—there are plenty of options to make your coffee delicious and dairy-free without a ton of additives, preservatives, sugar, seed oils or other inflammatory ingredients,” said Gabrielle Grandell, Functional Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach.

Her Top Pick: Laird Superfood

Laird Superfood is by far Gabrielle’s favorite of the bunch because it is the only option without any gums at all and even offers versions with adaptogens and functional mushrooms. “They’re all super tasty, and many are shelf stable, which makes it easy to travel with them as well,’ she said.

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And be sure to check out Gabrielle’s recent Friday Favorites video and see the incredible array of yummy vegan creamers to perk up your morning cup of coffee!

Is It Time for a Gut Check?

If you have food sensitivities, such as dairy, are seeking functional nutrition support, or want to improve your gut and brain health, contact Gabrielle today to book an appointment!


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