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Is Medication Making Your Irritable Bowel Disease Worse?

hand heart on stomachIrritable bowel disease is a large umbrella term that covers a group of disorders, including Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis (UC). Maybe you know friends and family who have been diagnosed, or maybe you think you have it yourself. It’s become part of our vocabulary due to the voracious advertising budgets of Big Pharma. It’s hard to watch your favorite network or cable television show these days and not hear a commercial touting the benefits of IBD-specific prescription medication.

If you or a loved one suffer from Crohn’s, UC or another IBD, medical care has likely been sought through conventional methods. You might be prescribed a proton pump inhibitor or over the counter acid blocker for your heartburn or have been advised to increase your probiotics—without regard to quality sourcing for that probiotic and without a clear understanding of your gut microbiome.

Unfortunately, throwing meds at the symptoms you’re suffering from, without finding the core cause, is a perfect storm for complications down the road. They will probably work for a while, and your symptoms may improve. But shutting down your acid production, or taking a probiotic off the shelf of your local quick mart, won’t take care of your gut health from a wide-angle perspective.

Gut Health Is More Complex Than a Quick Fix

Your digestive tract is a crucial system in your body. We forget how much surface area it takes in our body, due to the nature of its positioning, but our intestines alone can average 28 feet in length.

When we use a medicine that reduces stomach acid, we’re taking away the major function of a system within our body. If you have symptoms of too much acid production, we need to get to the bottom of it and work with your body to ensure it can work as nature intended, and to its fullest potential. We shouldn’t be using a quick-fix prescription to “cure” a disease that has many triggers, many layers, and is far more complex than a 15-minute office visit we’re offered in the United States nowadays.

Your Partner in Improved Health

To restore function to the digestive tract, I work with clients to address the external causes that could be affecting them and their gut health. Nearly all of my clients learn through my services that their lifestyle, diet, stressors, and exposures are likely the culprits of their less than desirable gut microbiome.

Unlike other traditional methods, I use both stool testing, blood and urine tests to determine what might be causing the distress in your body, and in turn the IBD, whether it’s Crohn’s or UC or something else. Working with you as your partner in improved health, we’ll make lasting lifestyle and diet changes, and work on removing the emotional stressors in your life, to give you the boost you need—and deserve—to move your disease closer to remission.

You have a trusted partner in health in me. Contact my office today to find out how I can help your specific needs!

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