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Drink in the Benefits of Adequate Hydration

hand holding IV bag with fruitsProper hydration is not just about guzzling water; it’s about ensuring your body uses the fluids effectively. Gabrielle Grandell, Functional Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach shares the hydration secrets that keep her energized and glowing.

Gabrielle advocates for filtered water, specifically reverse osmosis water. The purity of this water provides a clean slate free of pesticides, fluoride, medications, hormones etc., allowing you to minimize your toxic exposures and to control what minerals go back into your water. The company she uses personally is AquaTru Water.

Remineralizing Water With Superfood Hydrate

To replenish the minerals lost during the reverse osmosis process, Gabrielle uses LAIRD Superfood Hydrate. This product is a blend of freeze-dried coconut water and seaweed-derived calcium, making it a natural and healthy choice for hydration. Use Gabrielle’s code GABRIELLE10 on for a 10% discount on your first order.

Replacing Electrolytes With LMNT

When the day gets hot, she spends time in her infrared sauna or she’s had a workout, Gabrielle turns to LMNT for her electrolyte needs. LMNT offers a science-backed electrolyte ratio with sodium and magnesium. Plus, it’s available in various delicious flavors without any harmful additives. Use Gabrielle’s link: for a free sample pack and try all their mouth-watering options: raspberry, several chocolate versions, lemon habanero, mango chili, watermelon, citrus, grapefruit and orange. There’s even an unflavored version for purists.

Sodium Sufficiency: A Key Aspect of Hydration

Contrary to popular belief, sodium is crucial for effective hydration. Many people lack sufficient sodium, preventing their bodies from properly utilizing and distributing fluids. Gabrielle alternatively recommends adding a dash of sea salt and a squeeze of lemon to your water for a quick and easy method.

Try Gabrielle’s Hydration Secrets Today

Gabrielle’s approach to hydration has proven effective in keeping her refreshed and healthy. Now, it’s your turn to experience the benefits. Use Gabrielle’s code GABRIELLE10 on to get started with Hydrate or use Gabrielle’s link: to sample the delicious flavors of LMNT electrolytes with your free sample pack with any order purchased.

Drink in the benefits of proper hydration today and feel the difference!

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