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Activate Your Senses & Boost Your Health

smiling person with arms outstretched“Over the past few years, people have been starting to see how conventional health care is failing us in many ways. Many people spend money on insurance and prescription medication, but imagine the value of redirecting their spending to more preventive things and free activities that can improve health,” said Gabrielle.

Activating the senses is an excellent way to liberate oneself from the bondage of sickness. Here are some ways:

Feast Your Eyes on Nature

Whether we live in the city or in the country, there’s always an opportunity to get out in nature, which is healing. In nature, we can activate our different senses. Think of sight: we can seek out beautiful things, such as flowers, trees, birds, and water.

There’s actually a study that says blues and greens which predominate in nature are low arousal or low anxiety; they’re highly preferred colors to our brains. On the other hand, gray colors like those found in urban scenes result in feelings of aggression and dominance. We can help our mental and emotional health by looking for things that are calming.

Marvel at all the colors of the rainbow by checking out brilliantly hued produce at farmers markets, local gardens, orchards or your local grocery store.

Soak in Pleasing Sounds

Did you know that auditory input from nature is good for us? For example, think about how the sound of birds chirping is soothing for our nervous system. Sounds like running water and wind rustling through the trees are also relaxing.

Calling a friend or loved one, or listening to a podcast or video that is inspiring, can really change our mood. These things all help with stress and mental and emotional health.

Enjoy Fragrant Aromas

From fragrant flowers and freshly cut grass to evergreen trees and earthy essential oils, nature abounds with pleasing aromas. Things we can smell or breathe in can activate different things in our body, whether it’s calming or energizing. For example, lavender is calming, while citrus is energizing.

Experience the Effects of Touch

Did you know that just petting a dog lowers the stress hormone cortisol? Studies have shown that pet owners have lower heart rates and blood pressure. And whenever patients are exposed to animals like therapy dogs, they often have better outcomes.

Other types of touch, such as hugging, can generate oxytocin and positive feelings, and lower stress. Touch given through massage is also highly therapeutic. If you’re in a relationship, giving each massage can be a nice option.

Reaping health benefits isn’t just about being touched, but the tactile experiences of touching. For example, exposing water to your skin while in the outdoors is a great way to experience touch.

Invest in Your Health Now

Gabrielle has a T-shirt that says “pay the farmer now or pay the doctor later.” To create good health and optimize our health is the way to create true freedom long term. “The more we invest in organic food, local farms, supplements, and community, the more we can see the benefit in our health,” said Gabrielle. Perhaps best of all, we wouldn’t have to pay for what’s not even health care-it’s sick care.

Another way to optimize your well-being is through health coaching. Contact our practice today to book an appointment with Gabrielle!

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