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A Whole-Body Approach to Nurturing & Healing Your Gut

bowl of berriesOur immune system begins in the gut—much of our function resides there. It’s where the nutrients are digested and assimilated, so when that environment is not ideal it begins to cause health problems throughout the body. Those problems can look like—but are not limited to—autoimmune issues, constipation, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), diarrhea, bloating, blood in the stool, sleep issues and fatigue. It can also lead to chronic irritable bowel disease, like Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis.

In the United States, our medical system is backlogged for appointments for colonoscopies, endoscopies and other gastroenterology-related appointments. What does that mean for you? Well, you may present with blood in the stool, and have serious pain, but it could be months before you’re able to get an appointment to see anyone.

Our lives now are chock-full of stress, chemical exposures, and nutrient-lacking food choices. This is a perfect storm for our gut. At some point in your life, you will likely find yourself frustrated and in need of help. You will feel like you’re at a point of no return all while struggling gravely with symptoms and disease that has its roots in your gut.

The great news is it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many healthy, natural methods you can use to take care of your gut health now, without having to rely on medication and its side effects.

A Partner in Health You Can Trust

I understand firsthand the importance of good gut health. I’m also acutely aware of how gut health is connected to your mind. As someone who has the genetic variant ApoE4, putting me at higher risk for dementia and Alzheimer’s, I want my clients to have access to the same methods I follow to ensure a long, happy and healthy life.

Each day, I meet with clients who are not just experiencing symptoms in their stomachs and bowels, but are also struggling with anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses. As I’ve personally experienced, we have more control over our mental health when our environment within the GI tract is functioning optimally.

Studies have shown that many clients with anxiety, depression, OCD and schizophrenia may not have GI symptoms, but when tested later results will find food sensitivities and allergies, microbial overgrowth, inflammation, immune dysregulation, digestive function issues and more.

When the gut health improves, the brain improves—they are intimately connected with one another. When you are my client, I am a partner you can trust to help construct a brain that is highly focused, able to pay attention at will, has a strong memory, and leaves you feeling calm, confident and in good spirits.

You are worthy of living a life you love, without pain and feeling your best. Contact me today to take control back over your health care­­—and your future!

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